Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility

The Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility was formed several years ago by Iain Newby and is now run by Iain and his wife Lisa. It is the only rescue centre of its kind and has built up from just a few casualties a week, to as many as 30 a week. We receive about 20 calls a day, not just for exotic such as Snakes and Lizards but also many types of birds including Parrots, Budgerigars, Swans as well as other British Wildlife.


Wherever possible we try and re-home the animals but some are just too dangerous, so they will be with us for the rest of their lives. We have had a large variety of animals come through our doors from Scottish Wildcats to Alligators and have never turned away an animal that needs our help, and as you can see from the pictures, we really do have some challenging animals to look after. Sadly many of the animals, reptiles and birds that come to us have been mistreated, not cared for properly or through no fault of their own, their owners can no longer look after them properly.


Besides having visitors at the facility, we often take out some of our friendlier creatures to Schools and Fetes and as shown here, some enjoy handling them. We also try to educate children and adults alike in the welfare needs of each creature and the responsibilities associated with having them as a pet. Self-Funding The cost of food, equipment, fuel and vets bills are very hard to keep up with, and as we are entirely self funded, we rely heavily on public donations, and are sincerely grateful for every penny received. Our thanks go to all who have made such donations and we thank you in anticipation for your donation (no matter how small it may be).


Volunteers We are on call 24/7 and have a handful of volunteers that are as dedicated to animal care and welfare as ourselves. Although the work is very enjoyable, it also puts great demands on our time and limited resources and so we are always looking for willing volunteers to organise fundraising events to enable us to continue providing a safe haven for the creatures that come to us. In response to the demand for our services we continually look to expand and improve our facilities. Hence, the recent move to our current address. Our membership is steadily growing and we invite you join us. There is no membership fee and all we ask is your help, in some way, to help us carry on the good work.


Care sheets Please also be aware that we are always pleased to offer help, information and advice on the care and welfare ofanimals. To that end this web site has a growing number of care sheets to help you look after exotic species. These are available as free downloads. top T: 01702 219472 M: 07729 852932