This page gives you an idea though pictures what DWARF is like and what's going on.



If it wasn't for the Alligator and sign on the front of the house, you would just think it was a normal house in a small close not a large rescue centre that was home untill recently to an Alligator the same size as the carving on the roof .


The side gate leading to the rescue centre was falling to bits and not wide enough so we built a now one, using just a bit of imagination, the carving of a hunter on the door was done by Iain as was the Alligator in the above picture.


Over the last year we have been putting in a plastic roof around the rescue, below is the area for Ian's children to play


Below is the Turtle pond which is fully filtered and heated.


This picture shows two volunteers cleaning up the outside area, beaky the resident Emu is always looking for a fuss


Moving inside this is a picture looking down the animal room showing 43 viv's, we also have 3 walk in enclosures and the Alligator room that we are extending, now Rolex has been re-homed to the Reptile reserve in Rainham Essex.


Below is Iain and three volunteers catching the fish for re-homeing, this pond will be made into part of the inside Alligator enclosure.


Here you can see the new roof going in over the old fish pond


This is the back of the new roof and walls that encloses, what will be part of the Alligator enclosure, on the other side it has two 7 foot high 6 foot wide glass windows.



Below is a picture of Beaky in his shelter which he use's when its raining, at night he goes in his house with lots of straw to keep him warm.



It can be hard work when you run a rescue, this 14 foot Rock Python had to come out of her enclosure so it could be cleaned, she didn't want to but Iain and Heather persuaded her.


Enclosure cleaned and she is back in and happy