This page is for small snippets of information to let you know what's going on at the rescue centre and will be updated regularly.




This chameleon was just collected from a family because they couldn't afford to take it to the vets for treatment for a swollen left eye, we took him to our vet where he was put on antibiotic's, pain relief and eye drops, hopefully we can get him better and re-homed.




Below is a picture of two whitethroats, Rex, top picture has been with us for two years and Rarnie, bottom picture came to the rescue earlier this year, they have both been re-homed to Beaver water world, when Stella the owner of Beaver world was collecting Rex and Rarnie she fell in love with a cockatoo, which is now living with Stella





This Milk Snake had an injury to its tail, which had to be removed this alone cost £115 we are getting a lot more reptiles in that need veterinary care, where people can't afford to get treatment





James has found a new job, so will no longer be at the rescue, working at DWARF was part time and he wanted a full time job which he now has, he will be missed and we wish him success.




Heather has agreed to take over from James and will start on the 4th of January, she is experienced with reptiles some of her collection include a 12 foot Burmese python, Mangrove and an Asian water monitor.





I wouldn't put money on it but this could be the last animal in at the rescue centre in 2009, this Snow Corn was found and taken into our vets in Upminster, considering the time of year I can't help thinking it may be an escaped Christmas present.





Today the Turtle rescue came to take 16 Turtles and 2 snapper Turtles which gave us 2 vivs back for use for other animals, below is Iain and Heather fishing for Turtles the two snappers were in the animal room.





Last Sunday Iain got a call from someone who was walking his dog when suddenly the dog went to the bushes and found a badly injured bird, as it was local to me Iain called me to see if I could pick it up which I did, I knew it was not good as soon as I saw it, a male Harris Hawk with two broken wings.

I called the night vet and it was the vet we use for reptiles, ferrets and birds, William Lewis on call I took the bird to see him, the wings were only held on by skin and the bones were badly infected, sadly the only thing to do was put him to sleep, William said the Harris Hawk could have been after pray in a dive and flew between two cables braking both wings in the same place, the bird had no ring or micro chip to identify it.