This page has animals that are up for re-homing, we will update the page as often as we can but if you are interested in re-homing one of the animals please call Iain on 07729 852932 between 10am and 3pm.

We do ask you to give a donation for the animal which goes towards the running costs of the rescue centre, which are very high, a home check will be done to see if you have the right set up for the animal you wish to re-home.

When reptiles come in they are checked out and if there is any problems they see our vet for any treatment before they can be re-homed.

As with any new reptile you should quarantine it, separately from any of your present collection, for a set amount of time.



Below is Roxy a 14 foot female Burmese Python, as you can see is good to handle, we would want someone with experience of large snakes to re-home her, you can see the rescue of Roxy on 24/7 BBC 1 9.15am on 14th December 2009.


Below is six pictures of green Iguana's, the lizards I fill most sorry for, people can buy them as a baby for £12 then when they grow they end up at a rescue if they can find one to take it in, we will advise you that they need an arboreal viv even though they are in normal viv's but we just don't have the room to build more, not ideal but they needed to come to the rescue.




Below are three bearded dragons top one has some toes missing but very nice.



Below is a northern Pine snake, I like this one




Below is an African Rock Python, around 12-14 foot long, a very experienced reptile keeper needed to re-home this one.


Below is one of many Corn snakes we have in.



Below is a Florida King snake.



Below is a Russion Rat Snake, one of four



Below is a White throat monitor lizard



Below are pictures of two Anacondas